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Hi everyone,


My name is OLIVIER FRENCH and I am the founder of THEPODMATRIX a podcast creation studio & network that I established in 2019.


We launched our first show CONVERSATIONS with CHARLIE in 2019, followed  by  BROOKLYN BOXING PODCAST & our third WORLD FAMOUS 5th st GYM PODCAST.

We’ve produced over 100 Episodes all of which were self funded, and now we are looking to grow into our 4th show and need your support. 


“The new show is called , THE TALENT , which I will be hosting.


In the show i’ll be talking to a wide rage of people who are talented in their field , whether its some one in the arts , technology , entertainment , sports and finance to name a few .


I’m interested in digging into what their talent is and what their inclination, will and desire is to make that talent work for them in their life. 


The aim of the show is to share these stories & the  knowledge that comes with it, to our audience 



The money will be used to help produce & market the first season of 20 episodes .


All supporters will be credited in the notes of the episodes and those contributing $1000 or over will be invited to appear as a guest in one of the episodes to share their story with us.


I thank you in advance for your support and remember that no donation is too big or too small.